«Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live«

Today, the number of people who decide to start a sport activity has increased. It is definitely a very positive and proactive attitude towards movement, which keeps the body active and healthy. 

Unfortunately, however, they are not always performed properly or at the right rhythm, and this may lead to injuries that can be corrected with the most appropriate sports physiotherapy treatment. 


Whether you are a high-performance athlete or an amateur, at FISIOKINESIS we offer a range of sports physiotherapy tools to address injuries. 


Sports physiotherapy is a specialty through which we seek the rehabilitation, care, and prevention of injuries in amateur and professional athletes, as well as to show the correct guidelines to those patients who practice physical activity and want to do it safely. 


Instrumental physiotherapy is a branch of rehabilitation that deals with the recovery of the patient with the use of electromedical equipment such as magnetotherapy, electrostimulation, coke waves. . .


It is the set of therapies that are performed manually, acting on soft tissues such as muscles and tendons, having direct and indirect effects on the joint component (digitopression, manual myofascial therapy, joint mobilizations and manipulations, etc. ).


Water is a comfortable and dynamic medium, so water exercises are beneficial for people of all ages and categories, amateur or professional sportsmen. 

Due to the buoyancy of the water, the perceived body weight can be significantly decreased and the pressure on the joint capsules is removed. Overcoming the resistance force of water can improve and speed up the results of muscle toning.


Massotherapy is a set of manual and massage techniques with the aim of releasing muscle and myofascial tensions, improving mobility and preventing injuries.




The method consists of a series of stretching positions that allows to improve muscular and fascial flexibility. Optimize joint mobility and posture alterations.




Holistic massage relaxes the body and mind, it is a therapy that uses different techniques in order to eliminate stress and tensions that make it impossible for us to lead a healthier life.

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