Sports for kids: how to motivate your little one to do exercise

A few months ago, we shared with the local newspaper Diario de Avisos the 5 reasons kids should practice sports. There are lots of reasons, but what stands out, apart from lowering their risk of illness, is the fact that kid’s sports are great for them to socialize and develop important skills, for example, how to become more patient.

We’re sure this isn’t news to you as, who doesn’t know that doing exercise is good for your health? But the true challenge is to get them to practice it regularly and for them to not see as it an exercise they have to do “because you said so”. The question is… how?

In a world were we have to compete with tablets, smartphones and Fortnite to get our kid’s attention, motivating them to want to leave the house and exercise might be a bit complicated, even more so if they’re not used to doing it. If that’s the case, it’ll be easier to convince them that they’ll have fun, specially on typical days when they come home tired from school.

The best way to include sports in their routine

The younger they are, the better!

Brush your teeth, take a shower, brush your hair… these are all things we tell our kids on a daily basis and, although they probably try and get out of doing it 90% of the time, chances are they won’t hesitate to do them when they grow up. Leave the house without brushing your hair? No way! Go without exercising for a whole year… Yeah, well, I just don’t have time …

If kids see sport as a part of their day-to-day, chances are they’ll continue being active once they’re adults.

Kids don’t work out, they play

Even though some grownups can go through tortuous workouts just to get that bikini-body they really want, it doesn’t mean kids are going to put up with something like that. The best way for them to exercise if without them even realising! That’s why it’s so important for them to do entertaining activities with specialised instructors, capable of making sports fun!

It’s a game, not a competition

With sport, kids learn to be constant and disciplined, specially when it comes to competitive sports. This shouldn’t be the main objective, even less so when they’re very young, as it can make them see the activity as just another subject they have to try and “do well” at. Apart from getting good grades at school, in many cases they’re also expected to excel in sports, when the only important thing is for them to enjoy it and keep active.

Variety is the spice of life

We’re firm believers that for a sport to be perfect for kids, there’s only one requirement: it has to be fun. Taking into account that childhood is a moment to explore and try new things, although they might like a certain activity at first, chances are they’ll get bored of it quite soon. That’s why the ideal thing is for them to be able to try and practice different sports.

8 sports for kids that you’ll find at Activate Sports Club

Activate Sports Club is a true paradise when it comes to kids. They’ll have a great time on our beach playing in the kids area and trying out fun sports and activities for children in Tenerife.



Kids love water so, why not make sure they learn to swim from an early age? At our club we offer swimming lessons for kids between 3 and 10 years old.



A sport that’s going strong on the island is futevolei, a combination of football and beach volleyball. If your little ones like original sports, they should come and try a class!



Every year there are more and more studies that prove the effectiveness of yoga among small children, so a great way to invest in their future is by signing them up to yoga classes.



If your little one is very active and likes acrobatics, bring them to try a class of Air Yoga. It combines the benefits of traditional yoga with an anti gravity challenge.



Team sports are a great way for them to meet other kids and make them feel part of a group. When it comes to beach volley, it’s all good news!



Pole dance might be just the perfect activity if your kid loves to dance and enjoys acrobatics. It’s a fun way to get strong and stay active.



Pilates has a very positive effect on our health. At Activate we offer Pilates classes designed specially for kids, so they can benefit from this practice in a fun way.



Raquel sports are a great way for our little ones to develop coordination, specially with games. In our club you’ll find paddle tennis classes for kids aged 5 and above.

Do you have doubts regarding what sport might be the perfect fit?

Don’t worry! At Activate Sports Club you can choose among several classes and combine up to 6 activities for the same price!The best thing? They can come and try any one they like for free!


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