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Reasons to grab a drink with your coworkers after work and 5 places to go in Tenerife

There are two types of people: those who like socializing after work and those who can’t wait to get home after a busy day. If you relate to the first group, you might think you know all the cool places to go for after-work drinks in Tenerife –although we have a surprise for you- and if you belong to the second group, you might be thinking: is that even a thing?

It sure is! The concept of grabbing a drink after a busy day at work is nothing new, who hasn’t enjoyed a beer or a glass of wine while complaining about their boss or sharing their thoughts on the latest company hire?


In a world where studies are carried out for absolutely everything, the benefits of this practice have been carefully analyzed too, and the results are surprising! Many companies across the world are actively promoting after-work plans so their employees can get to know each other better in a more laid-back fashion, totally convinced that it has a positive impact on productivity.


Imagine one day your boss comes up to you and says: Hey, instead of heading home and being stuck in traffic, let’s all grab something to drink. If you work for a big company, you might get the chance to chat to some of the coworkers you keep bumping into in the lift but have have no idea what they do. And if you work for a small business where you all know each other, it will give you the perfect opportunity to have a pleasant conversation without being interrupted by phone calls and emails. A nice evening with your coworkers might be just what you need to make Mondays a bit more bearable!


There are loads of things to do in Tenerife once you finish work, like bowling, a game of crazy golf or even a group Yoga class but, let’s be honest, what most people are in the mood for is to just simply chill out with a nice cold beer or a delicious gin & tonic, right?

That’s why we want to share these 5 relaxing plans with you for your next session of after-work drinks in Tenerife:


1. Watch the sunset from a beach club

If there’s something we can boast about in Tenerife –apart from the amazing weather- is the amount of cool beach clubs you’ll find throughout the island. From Andana Beach Club in the north, to the famous Papagayo in Costa Adeje, get you friends together and enjoy a laid-back evening like never before!


2. Cocktails at Magic Café

If you work in Las Américas and fancy something nice to drink after working for 8 hours without spending too much money, Magic Café is a great option. Their Happy Hour includes two cocktails for the price of one and goes from 19:00 to 21:00. With an impeccable decor, Magic is a lovely place for an after-work event, especially on days when the weather is a bit cooler.


3. Afterwork Tapas & Drinks

At Oliva Café, located in Adeje, you’ll find an event created specifically to relax after a hard day’s work. During the evenings they open from 19:00 to 22:00, so visiting this café is a must any day of the week, but if you go on Friday, you’ll have the chance to enjoy their Afterwork Tapas & Drinks event, where you’ll find great food and company.


4. Room 26 Afterwork & Musicbar

If you work in Santa Cruz or have a meeting in the capital, don’t hesitate to visit Room 26 before heading home. With an ethnic decor, Room 26 was especially designed to host small meetings with coworkers and potential clients. Who said that you could only talk business at the work?


And last of all… our favourite place for after-work drinks in Tenerife! Ok, we might be a bit biased, but you can’t go wrong with an event that combines cocktails, food, a DJ and beach volleyball, right? At Fuel RestoBar & Beach Club you can welcome the weekend with a refreshing drink on our private beach during our Beach Vibes Friday event that takes place every two Fridays. A unique laid back party, perfect to enjoy the best chill out music, pinchos that’ll make your mouth water (with vegan and vegetarian options) and a very relaxed atmosphere, perfect to leave the stress of work behind and catch up with friends and coworkers. Can you think of a better plan?

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