Ana Lozano Pilates Studio was created in 2005 by Ana Lozano and Yanina lalorenzo, two of the most experienced Pilates instructors in the Canary Islands.

Years of work, training, studies and satisfactory results with clients of different nationalities have proven the effectiveness of the Pilates method and therefore, improved the quality of life of hundreds of people. Each member of our team is trained and specialized in different health areas.



In addition to correcting bad body postures and burning calories, over time you’ll notice how your flexibility and muscle mobility improves. Through body awareness and conscious breathing, Pilates will help you reduce stress and ease your mind. Apart from a varied range of exercises, we include different accessories such as balls, elastic bands, magic circle, CORE Band®, foam rollers or stability cushions to make each class different.


The Aerosling Elite Plus offers you the chance to discover a new world of possibilities when it comes to Pilates and suspension training. This versatile system turns regular Pilates exercises into suspension ones, enhancing the results and ensuring a superior degree of control and stability. Thanks to the pulley and its modular system, it’s possible to regulate the level of difficulty and enjoy a wide range of accessories.


Working with Pilates machines offers many possibilities when implementing the basic exercises of the method. In addition to varying resistance levels and working different muscle groups at the same time, it´s a way of reducing joint impact, avoiding possible injuries. At Ana Lozano Studio, you´ll find the most modern machines and personalized sessions, with previous assessment and personal follow-ups, both in private classes and small groups.


During pregnancy, changes in your body are inevitable, but by doing physical activity you can improve your general wellbeing. Because of the higher chance of suffering back and pelvic pain if the muscles in the abdominal wall are weak, it’s very important to strengthen that specific area. By practicing Pilates before and during the gestation period, you´ll be preparing your body to carry that special extra weight.

The practice of Pilates also contributes to a greater control of breathing, a very important factor in both pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re a beginner, it’s advisable to start between week 8 and 12. It’s necessary to consult with your doctor before starting Pilates.


Improving certain skills is essential when it comes to any sport. A stronger back, elasticity, flexibility and concentration are important allies for any athlete. By adding Pilates to your training routine, you’ll notice how you develop skills that will help you with all types of physical activity, regardless of what your sport of choice is.


It helps improve postural alignment, correcting bad postures habits
It favours a global state of relaxation through breathing and concentration
It focuses on deep postural muscles, strengthening the core and column
Pilates provides greater flexibility, agility and coordination
It improves and aids symptons of back pathologies such as scoliosis and lordosis
It’s great for muscle toning, improving abdominal strenght and reinforcing the pelvic floor
It increases self-awareness and helps create more efficient movement patterns
It increases the supply of oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body

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