Workout designed especially for you.

Personal training not only changes your body, it also changes your mind, your attitude and your mood, and if it is personalized, adapted 100% to your needs, much better.

At Activate Sports Club we put at your disposal top-level trainers who will help you achieve your goals.

Book your personal training session

Contact us at 822 070 037 or send us a message.

Do you want to enjoy Personal Training
with your friends?


All the benefits of personal training but in the best company. The one you choose.


Totally adapted to your tastes and needs. You choose the company, the days and the type of training. We will take care of helping you achieve your goals.

Functional training, Yoga, Cycling, Bungee etc. We will combine training if you wish to achieve the best results.


Contact us at 822 070 037 or send us a message.

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