Fisiocycling - Biomecanica del ciclismo. Activate Sports Club. Costa Adeje.
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Biomecanica ciclismo

Many cyclists wonder about things like: “Why do my knees hurt when I get off the bike?” “Why do my feet feel like they are burning?” “How can I prevent neck pain?”

All these situations happen because the human body, from an evolutionary point of view, is not prepared for the weight-bearing exercise that riding a bike supposes. That’s why the main goal of cycling biomechanics (Fisiocycling) is achieving efficient and less harmful movements.

At Activate Sports Club we offer an exclusive service of cycling biomechanics, with tailor made sessions.

Benefits of Cycling Biomechanics

Improves cyclist’s posture on the bike
Improves sport performance
Prevention of injuries caused by a bad posture
Identification of current injuries
Solution to injuries by adjusting the bike

Book your Fisiocycling session at 822 070 037 or send us a message.

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