Creepy costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we bet you have no idea what you’re going to wear, right? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some spooky costume ideas to frighten anyone that sees you on Halloween in Tenerife!

On the night of the 31st of October many people celebrate Halloween, especially in the States, where children and adults get dressed up and decorate their houses in the most terrifying way. For some years it’s also become very popular here in Tenerife, where not only kids get dressed up to go trick or treating, but also adults, who look for the best theme parties to show off their spooky outfits.

The variety of things to do that evening is ample, especially because it’s bank holiday here the next day, so many people can have a good rest after a night filled with terror. One of the options is our Activate Creepy Halloween party, celebrated in our sports and leisure club. If you finally decide to go all out that night and get dressed up, here are some ideas:

The classics

These costumes will never go out of style. They’re so terrifying that, with some good makeup, you’ll even give yourself nightmares.

Zombie: Not much imagination needed to design a living dead costume. For inspiration you can always watch an episode of The Walking Dead.

Clown: One of the most scariest costumes ever! Although, there’s nothing scarier than a clown who isn’t even dressed up as one!

Witch: Pointy hat, big nose and the darkest dress you can find in your wardrobe. Flying broom not included.

Dracula: Another immortal costume. Find a cape, sharp “vampire” teeth and remember: return home before the sun comes up.

For couples

A great option if you’re going to a party with your partner or close friend. The list of famous couples in films is endless.

Jack and Sally: Nightmare before Christmas’s adorable couple. Both terrifying and cute.

Harley Quinn and Joker: Another dysfunctional movie couple. Plus, we bet no one has thought of dressing up as Joker this year, right?

A couple of Devils: In hell, chores are shared equally.

For kids

No matter what you dress them up as, they’ll look adorable, but if you also add a creepy touch, they’ll be the hit of the party.

Girl from the Exorcist: Ideal if you have a little girl. Just make sure she doesn’t repeat the script.

Chucky, the diabolic doll: Evil embodied in a toddler!

Any Marvel character: Not very scary, but they love them!

For families

If you have more than one kid and can’t come up with a cool outfit for each member of the family, pick a family costume! Here are some creepy families to choose from:

Addams Family: A varied and extravagant family. Just like yours.

Monster Family: Dad can be Frankenstein, mum his corpse bride and, the kids, mummies and bats.

Fit Halloween

Sport and Halloween are compatible, even more so when the party is held at a sports club, right? How about getting dressed up as a zombie-runner? We can’t think of anything scarier than getting chased by the living dead, especially if they’re wearing running gear.

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to get dressed up as, where are you going to spend the scariest night of the year? If you want to enjoy dinner on the beach, shows, a kid’s area and a creepy atmosphere, come to our Activate Creepy Halloween party. You can buy your tickets online.


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