If we started this post by telling you that being active is really important for our health, your first instinct would probably be to yawn or to close this site, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t know that already? A different question would be if we actually do exercise on a regular basis, but at least we all know we should, right? But something you might not know and that’s very interesting if you’re looking to maximize the impact of your workout, is that the best way to get in shape is by exercising outdoors!

If you lived in a city where it’s raining all day, we’d tell you not to worry, an indoor workout is better than no workout! But, as you’ve been lucky enough to end up on this beautiful island, where the sun shines almost all year round, we’re not only going to share the benefits of exercising outside, but we’re also going to share with you 6 original outdoor activities you can do in Tenerife!

Benefits of outdoor activities

1. It improves mood and self-esteem

There’s scientific evidence that shows the positive impact that training outdoors has on our mood and self-esteem. It has been proven that people that exercise outside on a regular basis obtain higher serotonin levels than those who do it inside. This hormone is responsible for “making us feel good”, which is why it’s likely we’ll be in a better mood and feel better about ourselves after training outdoors.

2. It increases Vitam D levels

Also known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is closely linked to our immune system, making it a very important vitamin to activate our body’s defenses. A daily dose of Vitamin D is more than recommended to avoid diseases such as osteoporosis. You don’t need to spend all day under the sun (although if you can, why not?), with just 20 minutes each day when the sun isn’t too strong is plenty of time to get your vitamin D on.

3. You’ll burn more calories

This sounds too good to be true! But there’s a logical reason… The calories your burn during your workout at the gym aren’t the same as the ones you burn while exercising outdoors, why? Well because our bodies get comfortable when working out in optimal conditions. In the gym the temperature is usually regulated, the training surface is always the same, conditions that aren’t challenging for our bodies. Take it outside and you’ll notice how the heat/cold, different surfaces, wind, etc. make it a bit more difficult, forcing our bodies to work harder.

4. You’ll get bored less and train more

It’s the beginning of the month, you sign up for the gym with all your good intentions, you plan your routine and use the cardio machines and do some weights. Day two: It’s leg day, you try out some machines and then head to the treadmill. Day three: more cardio and machines… Suddenly, there will come a day where the thought of having to face another day at the gym will be too much and you’ll stop going altogether! Understandable! Working out like that is simply boring! Change that routine for some open-air yoga classes, a kitesurf session or a walk in nature and you won’t want to skip a workout again!

5. You’ll also exercise your mind

At Activate Sports Club we’re firm believers that health is more than just being physically fit, that’s why we’re always searching for ways to balance body and mind. That’s exactly what happens when you train outdoors, because the mind is more active than during inside workouts. The stimulation our mind receives during outdoor activities can’t compare to exercising while staring at a blank wall.

As we’re sure that after reading these benefits you’re ready to put your trainers on and head outside as soon as possible, here are 6 original outdoor activities you’ll enjoy doing in Tenerife any time of the year.

Outdoor activities in Tenerife


1. Abseiling

Telling you that a great activity in Tenerife consists of going down a cliff might not be the best way to convince you that doing exercise outdoors is really good for you! But trust us! Abseiling is a super fun activity that’ll help you burn loads of calories and discover hidden corners of the island you won’t be able to access any other way. You’ll also benefit from a lovely walk, as to get to the abseiling spot it’ll probably be necessary to leave the cars behind.

It’s not something you’ll probably do on a weekly basis, but to have the chance to disconnect far away from traffic and noise is something our body and mind will very much appreciate. Companies like Patea tus montes  organize activities with specialized guides so you can discover this fun activity in a safe way. Their beginners abseiling groups are a massive hit among participants that dare to spend the day on a rope in a vertical drop. Are you one of them?


2. Aqqua Exclusive Water Training

If you like machine training in the gym but hate feeling sweaty, having to wait to use the equipment you want or prefer a more personalized treatment, why don’t you take the machines to the pool? OK, maybe your gym won’t find it amusing if they see you trying to do this, so maybe you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve already done it for you!

One of our latest services is Aqqua, a circuit of typical gym machines in the water with which you’ll exercise your whole body. An instructor will explain each exercise and time you so you know when you have to move to the next machine until completing the circuit. It’s a great way to do cardio and tone your upper and lower body without a single drop of sweat!


3. Horse riding

Can you think of something that would make us even happier outdoors? Yes, animals! Horse riding has many benefits for our body and mind, since in addition to helping us improve our balance, it helps us improve our concentration and attention capacity.

A great activity for families would be a horse ride on the beach. Luckily, various companies offer this type of outing, for example Centro Hípica de Xanadú, where you’ll also be able to enjoy a delicious meal.


4. Kitesurf

Surfing or bodyboarding are great options when you’re looking for something fun to do outdoors, but if you’re into more original activities, why not try a kitesurf session? To feel like you’re flying will give your body an adrenaline rush you’ve never felt before! It’s something you can practice all year round in Tenerife, especially in El Médano, where it’s windy 300 days a year and the water temperature is mild.

If you’ve never practiced this fun water sport, we recommend you get in touch with a kitesurf centre. There a many on the island and they’ll be able to let you know everything you need to enjoy a fun day out.


5. Bike rides ¡on water!

Yes, you’ve read that correctly! We said we were going to talk about original outdoor activities, so we couldn’t just mention an ordinary bike ride, which can be great too. The company Teno Activo launched a new service last summer renting out waterbikes, making it easier than ever to pedal and have a swim nearly at the same time! We simply love the idea!

During 90 minutes, you’ll enjoy a fun bike ride on the Atlantic ocean, getting the chance to see a spectacular view of the Los Gigantes cliff. The service includes the waterbike and a life vest, plus surveillance, so you can have a great time without having to worry about anything.


6. Acro Yoga

Whether you are an experienced yogi or you are just starting out, acroyoga is a great option, even more so if it’s done outdoors! An acrobatic yoga class combines the gentleness of yoga, the deepness of partner stretching, the excitement of acrobatics and the therapeutics of massage.

The great thing about acroyoga is that you can practice it often and you don’t need to be an expert to start. If you want to make sure you’re doing it correctly so you don’t face any possible injuries, you can start in a Yoga Studio, where you’ll also have someone to practice it with. You’ll soon find out that it’s a super fun way of getting in shape and balancing body and mind.

Now that you know all the cool outdoor activities to do in Tenerife, it’s time to get your sunglasses and sunscreen ready and have fun!

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