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 Discover our new class at Activate Sports Club!

AQQUA™ is an innovation in submersed training. Combining all the benefits of a focused workout in the gym, with the many benefits of water resistance, through our unique Aquatic Gym.

Each person is followed throughout the session by his Personal Trainer, who develops a training protocol based on the specific needs, the goal to be achieved and the physical characteristics of the subject, preliminarily analysed through specific tests.

Group Training

AQQUA™ offers a Group Training service (AQQUA Group), perfect for training with friends, family or colleagues.

Group training allows you to combine the benefits of physical activity with the beauty of sharing these emotions with someone, as well as being an excellent idea for team building activities.

We are the only gym in the World offering this innovative service.

What kind of training is it?

Skill level Any

Type Circuit training

Duration 30 to 45 minutes

Why AQQUA™ is different?

It is always available and adapts to any level of fitness.

Possibility to train in company with up to a maximum of 7 people.

No chance of making mistakes, with a workout that is always guided.

Equipment that adapts to your specific needs.

Effective training in a short time.

Whatever your goal, it will allow you to reach it.

Benefits of AQQUA™


Water provides modified resistance to movement in all directions. The client controls the intensity of the workout, the harder one pushes against the water the harder it pushes back.


Water temperature is constant (30º). Water keeps the body at a constant temperature, preventing heat-exhaustion and encourages healing.


The squeezing effect of water supports every movement, it also helps to reduce edema or swelling of the joints and associated muscle groups, especially in the ankles and knees.


The body is almost weightless in shoulder-depth water. Therefore, the forces of exercise and movement have less impact on joints. Buoyancy also improves circulation which helps to support the progress towards full range of motion.


Water sustains and stabilises the body, reducing the weight-bearing load by up to 90%. This enables clients to move and change their posture, which may be impossible on dry land.


Movement through the water creates turbulence. Turbulence has a massaging effects on the body causing increased blood flow to the surface of skin.

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