7 things you didn’t know about Pole Dancing

There’s so much more than you think to this increasingly popular activity – here are 7 things you (almost certainly) didn’t know about pole dancing:

1. It’s not as sexy as it looks

The final result can be very appealing, with those spectacular choreographies and amazing poses, but in order to get there, you have to work very hard. Many people end up with bruises on their bodies and blisters on their hands trying new moves, not very sexy, right? But the feeling of joy when you’re finally able to do a movement you’ve been trying for weeks is simply priceless!

2. You need to have your skin in contact with the pole

People don’t wear shorts and a small top to pole dancing just to flaunt their body – it’s to enable correct grip on the pole, for which you need to have your skin in direct contact. Any leggings or trousers will slip down the pole, making the moves impossible. Banish inhibitions and get your legs on show!

3. It’s a strenuous full-body workout

Pole dancing works the whole body, and you are in constant movement, which makes it an ideal combination of both cardiovascular (aerobic) and isometric (strength) exercise. A group pole dance class is a great way to burn fat, tone up and increase your overall strength.

4. Men also take part

Believe it or not, and you probably won’t, there are more and more men taking up pole dancing for its many proven benefits. Men are naturally blessed with greater upper body strength, which is perfectly suited to pole dancing. So boys, nothing like a pole dance class to prove you’re really strong!

5. It’s great for your self-confidence

You’ll improve quickly once you start classes, and as soon as you’ve mastered some of the basic moves, you’ll feel stronger and more confident. You’ll even notice a better posture and a happier outlook on life. The fact that pole dancing will also give you a great body if you stick with it should also raise your spirits!

6. It should be practised under supervision

Like any new exercise, you need to make sure you are correctly taught by a qualified instructor. A makeshift pole in your garden and an online demonstration is almost certainly the way to end up in hospital with a back or neck injury. Take your time and progress at your own pace with the guidance of your monitor.

7. It’s good for your heart, bones and joints

Pole dancing is fantastic for strengthening muscles and improving flexibility. It is also a great low-impact exercise for the joints as, unlike running, you are not putting much stress directly on your joints and connective tissue. It also stimulates blood circulation and helps to keep your heart healthy.

Ahora que ya sabes un poco más sobre el pole dance, ¿te animas a probar una clase? En Activate Sports Club ofrecemos clases de iniciación y avanzadas de Pole Dance y Pole Fit, ¡ven a probar una! Para reservar, puedes llamarnos al 822 070 037, contactarnos por redes sociales o pasarte por recepción, ¡estaremos encantados de responder todas tus dudas!

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