5 reasons couple-workouts are a great idea (yes, seriously!)

Many of you, truth be told, may well use your visits to the gym/padel tennis games/evening run/long walk precisely to get away from your beloved other half. So bear with us as we deliver you the news that couple-workouts can, in fact, work wonders on your relationship.

Here are 5 reasons why working out with your couple is actually a brilliant idea:

1. Working together towards a goal forms a stronger bond

It’s not just your quads that will gain extra strength, so will your bond as a couple. Everyone knows that when you work closely to achieve something (a specific target for fitness, weight, distance, etc) you connect on a deeper emotional level, sharing the highs and lows and gaining understanding and support from your partner. This is a great, very healthy way to spend some quality time together.

2. You know they’re telling the truth about where they are

We’re not saying it’s ok not to trust your partner, because it isn’t a very healthy sign of a happy relationship, but it’s very common for people to have a raised eyebrow “you’re going to the gym for two hours, again?” as if what they’re really trying to say is “the class takes an hour, a shower maybe 15 minutes, so what are you doing the rest of the time?” This way, you can support each other more and you both feel encouraged to push yourselves even harder as you train.

3. You can enjoy the same diet

Changing lifestyle and eating habits can be very difficult, but it’s made even more challenging when you’re making a quinoa salad for lunch and your other half makes a bacon baguette with melted cheese, followed by a brownie. Cooking something healthy together or even going out for dinner is so much easier and more enjoyable when you’re both concerned with healthy, nutritious food. And you can share dessert.

4. You always know what you buy on birthdays/at Christmas, etc.

It can be very difficult to find the perfect present, especially after many years together. Nice sports gear (clothes, bag, trainers, yoga mat, raquet, etc) will always be appreciated and you can enjoy how good he or she looks in their new clothes. Win-win!

5. Renewed spark, better sex life

Healthy, friendly competition can bring a spark back into relationships that have perhaps fallen into a routine and lost a lot of spontaneity. Notice the emphasis on healthy, friendly competition – if one or both of you turn psycho, obsessed with winning the whole time, or become a terribly bad loser, it will almost definitely have the opposite effect. Greater spark, combined with the fact you’ll be feeling fitter and happier, leads to a much better sex life. That’s more than reason enough to give it a go, surely?

Activate Sports Club offers several opportunities to work out as a couple, including personal training duo packagesPilates duo sessionsyoga classespaddle tennis or any one of our group classes. Customise a training plan based on your needs and goals and get fitter and healthier together!

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